Welcome to MSW mail system!

My Secret World is proud to announce our local webmail system. This means that this service only works locally and you wont be able to send mail neither to clearnet or to darkweb. All just happens inside this server. To get an email account you must first come to our chat and talk a bit with us for then an administrator will validate you on mysecretworld service that includes radio, blog, forum and chat. We are all very open minded and waiting for good suggestions that can be send to mysecreworld@mswmailgcjbye4sc.onion. My Secret World is a comunity based on anonymity, safety, freedom and colaboration. We don't have a goal but witness all kinds of diversity and offer a place where you you can feel free to visit and create your own personal secret world. Here you can choose either the squirrellmail or roundcube interface. roundcube squirrell

Open Icecast Server: asxgmxuuzpeyiu4c.onion/show
Blog: 32avzir6unmcg2y2.onion
Forum http://32avzir6unmcg2y2.onion/forum


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